Islamic Human slaughter houses, Paris shootings and Nigerian slaughter the left media can afford to ignore

I came across a UK Left Loonie (UK Mail Online) article with a vivid description of the army of Nigerian soldiers killing Boko Haram Pigs killers and kidnapping  (they call them insurgents in this trash paper) who have slaughtered violently tens of thousands of non-muslim people (mostly Christians, what muslims do well) and the vile pro-terrorist UK media tells of how they savagely stopped these Boko Haram Killers they excecuted which has lead me to write this. Over the years when I first saw online, the S Sudanese people being slaughtered and raped by the Islamic Janjaweed Pigs, (and we must call them what they behaved as because the description of their rapes of thousands of little boys, girls and women raping them until they were dead will never leave me, it was so pitiful, from the witnesses that survived) I was shocked that over a million Amimists and Christians were slaughtered by the N Sudan Muslims and the press and the UN not only ignored and  refused to discuss or expose the tragedies, they suppressed the news. As for the million that were enslaved by the N Sudanese Barbarian Muslims they simply did not matter until a Christian Group slipped in a video to the UN without Permission and exposed the horrible slaughter to the UN and through this to the world. Even then the left media of the world did not want to talk of it until the S Sudan muslims were being slaughtered by the N Sudanese Muslims…they they isn’t that a curiosity? The left wing racism reaches out when Muslims are killed like in Nigeria. Of course the oil that was being fought over is a good reason for the Left filth media to hide the genocide as it is today ignoring the human slaughterhouses of Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and Turkey; they are ignoring the tragedy of the slaughter and emptying of the lands of the Middle east of non-muslims and Christians while trying always desparately to get the world to give money, food and everything possible, forever to all the Islamist slaughtering causes they support because, it would seem they can poke fun at Christians, Jews, Popes, anyone else actually, as long as it is not Muslims and their Pedophile head lopping of thousands false prophet Muhammed who killed and stole lands, countries and people raping as they went, for his vulgar and barbaric new created religion Islam. Of course to date he and his followers have slaughtered many hundreds of millions of humans but they must never be criticised and especially never make cartoons of these pedophilic killers.

So now in our day and this week we see more cartoonist slaughtered, Jews specifically targeted in France and none of these cowardly newspapers/media (except our Beloved Quebec- God Bless their courageous hearts) will post or publish anything critical of Islamist slaughter and hatred.

So I thought I would show you, by the fire, a page of reasons why the muslims slaughter cartoonists and artists and the media supports Islamist slaughter, slavery and barbarism of even cartoonist in 2015. Anyone going to question the intelligence of the Left Media Loons??? Of course not..they and their paramoor muslims seem so reasonable??? This is the silly article that brought me back to posting..  I tell you these media creeps have posted none of the little children, parents, journalist being beheaded by these Boko Haram filth Islamic terrorist, rapist, kidnappers and killers, but, we all know that dear olde England has sunk her ships with Islam and is now, like France being taken over by Sharia, Halal, and Islamist violence and sit in the front line trenches…well actually all Europe have put themselves in the frontlines of the Islamic agenda of taking over the world for Islam in their war against the infidels…poor US and the rest of us are second liners…but hey no one wants to wake up and smell the ovens burning with the forgotten victims of this terrible Islamic Scourge. Je Suis Charlie Hebdo! My message for the Nigerian army is that you need a few bombs and tanks to stand up to these violent Islamist Killers, Boko Haram!

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