I have been reminded lately of a dream I had a few years ago. It was just over six years ago I had this dream and I have wondered if this reminder is the time to plant the garden…many terrible and sad things have happened and many are happening as the terrible battle for earth and mankind goes on against God’s people and against His Creation. Gods’ enemies Satan and his minions and all his cohorts and the wicked of the earth are set to take over the world for evil and they have forgotten there is a Great God in Heaven and set with His Beloved Son Yehsua/Jesus the Christ and our Comforter is set to return to the earth and stop their terrible evil upon this earth against mankind and against His beautiful Creation that awaits His return….
In the dream we had come through terrible battle and the Lord had given us victory over the enemy. Then the Lord told us (there were others of His children who had come through the battles), that we were to do nothing else until we had planted this garden…like in an enclosed garden or protected and we were to plant all these plants, trees, all the plants and shrubs and garden plants and not to stop until it was done and so we all obeyed the Lord and started to plant this beautiful garden. We completed this work instructed of the Lord to build this beautiful garden and many years later I had remembered and returned to the garden and saw that there were many young and older people raising many children oh so busy and they seemed to be just outside the garden and they had forgotten the garden, they had forgotten it was even there …they did not seem to know it was there. but, it was there and it was still growing. I thought it so sad that they had all forgotten the garden for none of them remembered it anymore. Then all of a sudden there were all these great and hale warriors walking up over the knoll and they too had come back to the garden …for they were here to remember the gardens with us because they had helped build the garden and helped do the work of filling the garden full of beautiful trees and plants; we were indeed not the only ones to have been brought back to the garden the Lord instructed us to plant. And there was such joy at our meeting and return to the garden… there was joy and recognition and understanding in our return and remembering the garden the Lord had told us to plant and I wakened from the dream with such joy.

So we are in the seventh year after the dream and I am wondering and praying whether this is the time of the planting and anyway where is the place or field for the garden that is to be planted Lord? 

I thought, we have all been planting and helping and praying as we are able in this world, to call people to repentance, to point them to Jesus, to feed the poor and homeless and to help Israel His first Witness and her people back home to rebuild their lands and plant trees and gardens in His and their beloved and restored Holy Land in Israel….but, I think this may be an earthly garden that He may want us to plant and start up for others, to bless them and their families too….so ???……hmmm…I wonder Lord where it is you would have us to plant your garden Lord and where are the other warriors I saw we worked with in the dream?


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