About This Site

Anyone walking into this site may talk of what they think, believe or know of what is happening in the world or even heavan if you think you can, so we would appreciate all give respect and understanding to whoever visits here even when opinions are different or hard. Hate to anyone will not be tolerated irregardless of different beliefs, opinions, ideas or religions, there is no room for it to expound ideas or share your faith.

This is a pilgrims site to view the world with others today of impacts of climate change, violence and war impinged on many which leaves its effects on our fast changing societies and lands. The reasons so much is going on is daily disclosed by hundreds of scriptures fullfilled in our day written of these last days by Old and New Testament Prophets. This is also a place to talk of good things that He has done for us all as well as good things we have experienced.

The mover of all of this is our Heavanly Father who has been trying to reach out to mankind since the first He Created us all and created this Heavan and Earth for us all to dwell in Peace and though man does not live as He wanted us to He never cast us off but sent His only Begotten Son to die for our sins that whosever would believe on Him should have right of passage over to the Father and His Passport to eternal life and His Heavan and all that is good in His Universe which I can imagine is very great and wonderful days and times to come.

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